Kids Discovery Time Day Care

Fun and Interactive Learning for Children

Mon-Sat (6am – 12am) Child Care Services

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Age Appropriate Learning

Carefully designed classrooms designed to be comfortable, safe, and secure with engaging age appropriate materials and curriculum.


Experienced Teachers and Staff

You can feel confident in our experience staff and facility that is licensed, and certified to provide the best in early childhood education.


Nutritious Meals MyPlate

Children benefit from the healthy eating guided offered by MyPlate


Age Appropriate Learning

Welcome to Kids Discovery Time Day Care, developmentally Appropriate Classrooms. Our developmentally appropriate classrooms are carefully designed so that children can initiate learning. They are designed to be comfortable, safe, and secure. Our classroom is filled with engaging age appropriate materials and curriculum. The teachers demonstrate positive guidance with the children.

Research has shown that children in developmentally appropriate child care program are less stressed, less anxious about learning, better creative thinkers, and better communicators. However, children have a number of limitations depending on their developmental level. Teachers must ensure that children are provided with an age appropriate, individually appropriate, and culturally appropriate learning environment.

To ensure that our curriculum is effective, Kids Discovery Time Day Care has incorporated age appropriate lesson plans, exposure to physical environment, Pennsylvania approved curriculum, teacher involvement and parent involvement. These aspects have been integrated so children get the best experience possible from their classrooms. Our developmentally appropriate classroom is a safe, secure, and stimulating place where each child enrolled can grow physically, socially, emotionally, and cognitively. Our classrooms consist of developmentally appropriate materials and learning centers for the children to explore. The general atmosphere of our classroom is relaxed because children learn more when they feel psychologically safe.

Kids Discovery Time Day Care curriculum is developmentally appropriate, fun, and challenging enough for the children. Group direction and waiting times for young children is limited and appropriate transition activities are provided. Our classroom and curriculum celebrate each child’s uniqueness and family background.

Teachers interact with the children and lead them in a positive manner to encourage their self-esteem and help teach them problem solving and cooperation. Every so often, we take an objective look at our rooms to see if we are doing our best in each area.

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